Concept Development

Define alternate product concepts, investigate feasibility and select the best candidate.

Best Practices: Key Concept Development Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

 Concept Development: Best Practices
  • Distributed collaboration: Enable collaboration on work-in-process design data. Share product information throughout the enterprise to facilitate front-end ideation, concept development and design refinement.
  • Associative conceptual engineering: Relate and reuse 2D engineering concepts in 3D designs to shorten design cycles.
  • Flexible reverse engineering: Automate the transfer of physical prototype surfaces into CAD for reuse in design.
  • Efficient and effective customer review: Enable customer-facing team members to gather early market feedback using photorealistic digital product prototypes and images.
  • Communities of practice: Facilitate, capture and share unstructured information, discussions and opinions within the context of product areas or professional interests. Encourage enterprise-wide capture of knowledge and development of subject matter experts.
  • Associative industrial design: Use free-form or 2D sketching/3D associative modeling techniques to enable product styling concepts and detailed designs to be developed concurrently. Accommodate iterative changes without time-consuming rework.