Component and Supplier Management

Enable effective selection, creation, and incorporation of preferred parts and suppliers during the product development process including the management of associated relevant characteristics.

Best Practices: Key Component and Supplier Management Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Component and Supplier Management: Best Practices
  • Component classification and search: Streamline part and component selection process by optimizing processes to classify parts and enable rapid, efficient and effective part search and navigation. Encourage part reuse and avoid costly part duplication.
  • Classification administration: Enable effective process to define and maintain classification structure.
  • Standardized component qualification and introduction: Implement a lean and controlled new-part introduction process. Facilitate reuse of existing parts and ensure Design-for-X (e.g., environmental, assembly) methods are considered early.
  • Supplier part and AML/AVL management: Integrate, track and ensure reuse of preferred supplier parts by managing approved manufacturer and vendor lists. Manage part preferences for product lines across multiple geographies.
  • Supplier registration and management: Enable effective introduction and management of suppliers.