Application Engineering

Respond to a customer’s request for proposal, pricing, or information by collaboratively creating a timely, accurate, and competitive formal response.

Best Practices: Key Application Engineering Process Improvements Enabled by PTC Capabilities

Application Engineering: Best Practices
  • Collaborative requirements definition: Collaboratively author all requirements in a single environment that supports contextual representation in richly formatted documents and hierarchical lists.
  • Associative conceptual engineering: Relate and reuse 2D engineering concepts in 3D designs to shorten design cycles.
  • Integrated cross-discipline BOM: Manage and relate cross-discipline product information (e.g., mechanical, electrical, software, product documentation) in a single product structure. Establish a single, synchronized source of product data to capture the correct hardware and software product configuration.
  • Adaptable 3D modeling: Create 3D models of all mechanical parts and assemblies to ensure design accuracy while reducing or eliminating the need for expensive physical prototypes.
  • Target cost management: Establish cost targets at the product, function and/or component level. Provide program stakeholders with visibility into cost estimate status against the cost targets.
  • Traceable product data sharing: Share product-related information (e.g., requirements, tests and designs) with design and manufacturing partners to enable effective collaboration. Provide traceability to what was delivered, received and accepted.
  • Platform analysis and validation: Automate the creation of key design configurations to analyze and validate. Rapidly visualize and identify design issues in a digital mock-up; and track and resolve interferences.
  • Efficient design review: Provide easy and timely access to latest design data to facilitate asynchronous design collaboration regardless of the data size or type. Encourage continuous feedback and manage formal design review preparation, execution and follow-up.