In the Media

May 15, 2014
PTC Creo Vision 2014+

Mar 31, 2014
Strategies for Growth
Taking a “Deep Dive” into PTC’s ThingWorx Platform – a New Version Review and Post-Acquisition Update

Mar 25, 2014
More With Mobile
PTC-ThingWorx dual-aggregation business model

Mar 25, 2014
Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Preparing for the Conflict Mineral Rule

Mar 24, 2014
Computer Business Review
PTC on taking on the Internet of Things

Mar 7, 2014
Industry Week
Outcomes-based Services: How the Internet of Things Is Driving the Future of Manufacturing

Mar 7, 2014
Product Design & Development
The Third Industrial Revolution Will Turn Customers into Designers

Mar 2, 2014
CEO Corner: From technology to teamwork

Feb 24, 2014
Software Profile: Creo from PTC

Feb 24, 2014
Consumer Goods Technology
Built for Speed

Feb 3, 2014
Manufacturing ISM Index Slightly Lower To 51.3 Percent: However, Future Of Manufacturing Looks Bright

Feb 1, 2014
TEC Spotlight Report
PTC and ThingWorx: Uniquely Positioned for Manufacturing

Jan 30, 2014
Strategies for Growth
Acquisition Works: The Acquisition of ThingWorx Establishes a Pattern of Connectivity in PTC’s Global Growth Strategy

Jan 28, 2014
M2M Evolution
ThingWorx Takes on the Internet of Things at M2M Evolution

Jan 23, 2014
Schnitger Corporation
PTC’s Q1 call blends caution, excitement

Jan 21, 2014
LNS Research
What You Need to Know About PTC’s Acquisition of ThingWorx

Jan 17, 2014
Design News
The IoT Impacts Manufacturing, Too

Jan 16, 2014
PTC Bets Big on the Internet of Things

Jan 8, 2014
PTC PLM Vision 2014+

Jan 8, 2014
Schnitger Corporation
Your dishwasher talks to the IoT; now what?

Jan 6, 2014
Desktop Engineering
PTC Steers Toward the Internet of Things

Jan 6, 2014
Why PTC acquired ThingWorx

Jan 6, 2014
PTC acquire ThingWorx - an internet of things, and stuff…

Jan 3, 2014
TEC Technology Evaluation Centers
PTC Embarks on Internet of Things Journey via ThingWorx Acquisition

Jan 2, 2014
3D CAD World
PTC Acquires Platform Developer ThingWorx

Jan 2, 2014
Joe Barkai - Industry Analyst Blog
PTC Acquires ThingWorx: Observations, Questions and Some Answers

Jan 2, 2014
PTC acquires ThingWorx. Looking to extend its capabilities in Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) for the Internet of Things

Jan 2, 2014
M2M Evolution
ThingWorx and PTC: It's All About The Software