• Optimize workflows and utilization of latest software technology to flexibly respond to future requirements

  • Optimizing the adoption and processing of complex geometry from customers within their own CAD system

  • Accelerating and improving further processing of customer data for manufacturing

  • Ensuring compatibility with various customer CAD systems (e.g. SolidWorks, CATIA, Siemens NX)


  • Update Pro/ENGINEER licenses to PTC Creo with extension of seats to fully benefit from improved user experience and developments

  • Gain productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools from expansion of NC tools

  • Key-user update training; update installation and user training by key-user

  • Extended design capabilities using PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension


  • 10% time savings when using customer data from other CAD systems

  • Faster translation of CAD data to PTC Creo and accelerated creation of NC programs and tools using consistent integrated CAM solutions. Time efforts for data translation for tool design and rework at design changes incurred with conventional approaches could be eliminated.

  • Almost 50% less mouse clicks via the new user interface in PTC Creo