Environmental Sustainability

Making a Difference in the Environment Through Education, Awareness and Action

PTC Environmental Sustainability

PTC supports an employee-led environmental and sustainability team with two main goals. First, our global team is dedicated to identifying green initiatives and opportunities for improvement. We also look for ways to increase efficiency throughout all functions of our company and, by saving energy (e.g., lights, technology usage and travel reductions) and better managing waste across our facilities, we have realized significant efficiency gains.

The second goal of this team is to increase employee engagement and education regarding environmental and sustainability issues. We accomplish this through multiple channels of communication including internal communities, virtual trainings and meetings, as well as local events.

PTC’s environmental strategy is to be a responsible member of the global community by making industry-leading products for sustainable design and by managing our environmental impact by modeling environmental best practices in our business.

  • Energy

    PTC is focused on reducing our electricity usage primarily by increasing the efficiency of our data centers and office lighting
  • Waste

    PTC has expanded recycling and composting efforts in our major offices to reduce our waste
  • Transportation

    PTC encourages employees to use public transportation, bicycles and green vehicles
  • Environmental Sustainability at PTC

    Our Employees
    PTC encourages our employees to be greener in the office and in their communities. In 2012 we held our first Earth Week, with education and a well-received vendor fair

Environmental Engagement

PTC sustainability is about a commitment to the environment and is an important aspect of corporate sustainability. We believe that PTC already has a reasonably light environmental footprint as a software company, but we want to do more. A cross-functional effort has been kicked off to analyze our practices as they impact the environment to look for ways to make PTC more “green.” We are also encouraging employees to consider what they can do to be more “green” in their homes and in their communities.

Energy Projects

Launch Date

Parking lot lighting retrofit of 84 480V 250-watt fixtures (estimated 66% reduction) in Needham, Massachusetts headquarter 2014
Installed LED lights and motion sensors in restrooms and meeting rooms in India offices 2013
Stairwell lighting motion sensors in our Needham, Massachusetts headquarters (estimated 75% reduction) 2012
Reconfigured data center in Marisoft India location 2012
Replaced 570 neon lights in Unterschleissheim Germany location (estimated 60% reduction) 2012
Stairwell lighting motion sensors in our Needham, Massachusetts, headquarters (estimated 75% reduction) 2012
Reconfigured data center in Marisoft India location (estimated one- year payback) 2012
Replaced 570 neon lights in Unterschleissheim, Germany, location (estimated 60% reduction) 2012
Conference room motion sensors in Needham HQ (estimated 50% reduction) 2010
Restroom motion sensors — 24 restrooms in Needham HQ (estimated monthly reduction of 1,617 kWh) 2007

Waste Projects

Launch Date

 Donate used office furniture to Habitat for Humanity 2013
Composting food waste in our Needham, Massachusetts headquarters
Expanded Electronic Software Delivery 2012
Set printers to default double-sided printing (~20% reduction in paper usage)
Procurement of 30% recycled content paper
Desk-side and single-stream recycling 2008
Compost landscaping debris 2004

Transportation Projects

Launch Date

Reduced business travel 2012
Car charger in Needham HQ for employees with electric vehicles 2012
Hybrid spots in Needham HQ 2011
MassRides Program 2008
Shuttle service between Needham HQ and public transportation 2001

Our Employees

Launch Date

Global Earth Week events (started in 2012), including: 2012
Panel discussions 2012
Community service events 2012
Green vendor fairs 2012 2012